Misure di protezione COVID-19

Basic rules

Our protection concept ensures that the following requirements are met. Our employees are informed and are instructed to adhere to this concept.

  1. All employees wash their hands regularly at the washing facilities provided by the VHR and carried on the support vehicle. Paper towels to dry your hands are disposed of in the closed waste bin. Guests can also use this washing facility.
  2. Wherever possible, all employees keep a distance of 2 meters from each other. Where this is not possible, the employees wear facemasks provided by the VHR.
  3. Masks are worn once and then disposed of in the enclosed waste container of the support vehicle.
  4. A hygiene mask can be worn for up to 8 hours. Once a mask is removed, it is discarded and a new mask is put on.
  5. Wash or disinfect hands after removing the face mask and before putting on a new face mask.
  6. Employees who feel sick leave the company and go home.
  7. Every employee takes a fever measurement in the morning using a forehead measuring device.
  8. Our guests are only protected if the rules are observed! (There is not a little bit infected or moreinfected, just as there is no a little dead or completely dead.)
  9. If someone does not abide by the rules, he is kindly but definitely encouraged to follow them.
  10. Theserulesalsoapplyatthestables;wewantouremployeestobehealthyinthestableandnotsick at home.
  11. BeforeeachdepartureinAndermatt,theemployeesarebrieflyremindedoftherules.
  12. WhenyoureturntoAndermatt,thecontentsoftheclosedwastecontainerarecorrectlydisposedof in a closed waste bag in the main waste container.

While boarding

  1. The employees and the conductor who help the passengers board the coach wear gloves, which are then disposed of in the closed waste container in the support vehicle.
  2. Passengers to keep a distance of 2 meters when boarding.
  3. Passengers not belonging to the same household or family are sitting in the samedirection of travel, meaning we carry a maximum of 6 passengers in the carriage. Passengers are advised to wear a protective mask.

While driving and when stopping

  1. If passengers want to change seats at the intermediate stops, the seats, any handles and the door handles in the carriage are wiped with disinfectant.
  2. If a passenger needs assistance from the conductor or an employee during the journey, the employee or the conductor wear a face mask and gloves

While disembarking, during intermediate stops and breaks or at the end of the journey

  1. The employees and the conductor helping the passengers to disembark wear gloves and face masks
  2. The passengers keep a distance of 2 meters when disembarking
  3. When entering restaurants and break areas, the passengers keep a distance of 2 meters.
  4. Within restaurants or the museum, passengers adhere to their security concepts

In the event of accidents, care or assistance for injuries in life-threatening situations is supplied with disregard to eventual virus contamination.
Neither masks nor gloves are to be worn when grooming and guiding the horses, and when harnessing, but wherever possible the two-meter rule to other employees must be observed. The conductor is responsible to make sure that there are sufficient masks and a disinfection dispenser in the vicinity of the coach seat.

The driver of the escort bus is responsible for ensuring that there is enough material and water for a trip on the support vehicle.